PhD students

Denise Hebesberger studied Biology (2013) and Educational Science (2012) at the University of Vienna, Austria. She specialized in Ethology and Human-Animal Relations. For her final thesis she studied behavioural and physiological effects of horse-assisted therapy for mother-child pairs with insecure attachment. After graduation Denise worked as a researcher in EU-funded social science projects for 2.5 years, what resulted in several presentations and publications at international conferences and in peer reviewed journals. In September 2016 she obtained a LS Studentship to conduct her PhD at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Studying "Benefits of Social Bonds in Horses", she is now able combine two of her very interests: behavioural physiology and horses. 


Areas of interest:

* social behaviour in domesticated and (semi) feral horses

* socio-physiology

* horse welfare



Twitter: @horsebonds


Former Students

MSc students

Jacqui Kirk

Project title: An assessment of social networks between African lions and their offspring: pre-and-post dispersal ages


Project summary: Social network analysis is increasingly used on a diverse range of species and can provide insights into animal behaviour, as well as interactions at a group and population level. However, the role of social networks in dispersal is not well understood. Dispersal plays a major role in behavioural systems, further if dispersal does not occur competitive interactions may ensue. Using long-term (>5 years) data sets from captive-origin African lion (Panthera leo) prides, this project uses network and individual metrics to assess the stability of network positions and network structure during cub-rearing and sub-adult dispersal age when sub-adults are unable to leave the natal site.

Research interests: African carnivores / social network analysis / dispersal / raptors

Contact details: / / @jacquikirk5


Hilary Sweetnam

Project title: Assessment of responses of domestic goats’ (Capra hircus) to human vocalisations


Joana Raquel Silva Ferreira

 Project title: Responses of horses to emotional valence in voices of familiar and unfamiliar humans

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