25.11.2021: New publication in Royal Society Open Science: Learning and motor inhibitory control in crows and domestic chickens


Link to open access paper

11.11.2019: New publication in Animal Behaviour: Affiliative social relationships and coccidian oocyst excretion in a cooperatively breeding bird species. 


Link to open access pre-print

15.05.2019: How having a partner and a family changes the stress levels of graylag geese.  New Paper in Frontiers for Young Minds:

21.05.2019 New review as a co-author: Self-control in crows, parrots and non-human primates. Link to paper

18.04.2019 New paper with my former undergraduate student Alexandra Safryghin: Testing for behavioral and physiological responses of domestic horses (Equus caballus) across different contexts – consistency over time and effects of context. 


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20.02.2019 New paper as a co-author with my all-time favourites, greylag geese: parental behaviour/family proximity and gosling survival.


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16.12.2018 How do animals manage their energy budget under times of constraint, e.g. breeding season, migration.


We here compare energy management in 16 species of fish, mammals and birds.



28.12.2018 Monkeys (Sapajus apella and Macaca tonkeana) and great apes (Gorilla gorilla, Pongo abelii, Pan paniscus, and Pan troglodytes) play for the highest bid.


Some research I did a while ago with the chimpanzees at Edinburgh zoo. 


Link to open access pre-print.

18.06.2018 New publication in Behavioural Processes: In this study my former master student Jacqui Kirk and I investigate temporal patterns in social interaction patterns in African lions. 


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01.02.2018 New publication in Scientific Reports: Free-living greylag geese adjust their heart rates and body core temperatures to season and reproductive context.


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11.03.2017 New publication in Behavioural Processes: In this study we investigated effects of mate separation and social isolation onto haematological parameters and the physiological stress response in greylag geese. 



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Do animals know when they are treated unfairly? Read my conversation article. 

New publication in PeerJ: In this study we investigated social and environmental factors affecting leucocyte profiles in wild greylag geese.

New publication in Journal of Ornithology. Parasite excretion patterns in the critically endangered Northern bald ibis. 


Link to paper.



New publication in Animal Cognition: Carrion crows learn to discriminate between calls of reliable and unreliable conspecifics


In this experiment, we tested whether carrion crows (Corvus corone corone) learn to differentiate between calls of reliable or unreliable individuals.


Link to paper.


New publication in Behaviour: Individual performance in socio-cognitive tasks predicts social behaviour in carrion crows

The paper investigates a link between cognitive performance in experimental tasks and involvement in social behaviour (affiliative and agonistic interactions.

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