11.03.2017 New publication in Behavioural Processes: In this study we investigated effects of mate separation and social isolation onto haematological parameters and the physiological stress response in greylag geese. 



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Do animals know when they are treated unfairly? Read my conversation article. 

New publication in PeerJ: In this study we investigated social and environmental factors affecting leucocyte profiles in wild greylag geese.

Learn how to study animal behaviour! 

Next semester (semester 2, 2016/17), I will lead the module 'Animal Behaviour Research' at Anglia Ruskin University. In the course of the module I will run 5 behavioural exercises, from time-budget observations in waterfowl to simple social learning experiments. In parts, these behavioural exercises will be run via videos, which I will make publicly available on my new youtube channel. I will provide all teaching materials (hand-outs, data sheets, etc.) on this webpage. So if you are interested, join me and my students in learning how to study Animal Behaviour. 

Parasite excretion patterns in the critically endangered Northern bald ibis. New publication in Journal of Ornithology.


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New publication in Animal Cognition: Carrion crows learn to discriminate between calls of reliable and unreliable conspecifics


In this experiment, we tested whether carrion crows (Corvus corone corone) learn to differentiate between calls of reliable or unreliable individuals.


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New publication in Behaviour: Individual performance in socio-cognitive tasks predicts social behaviour in carrion crows

The paper investigates a link between cognitive performance in experimental tasks and involvement in social behaviour (affiliative and agonistic interactions.

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